Date: June 6, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Location: Board Office

Chat GPT and other AI tools have made incredible leaps forward in the last year. This technology is a fundamental threat to real estate professionals who simply push papers and unlock doors, but will also have a profoundly positive impact on agents willing to pivot their business to the next generation. In this session, well learn exactly how this happens.

CHRISTOPHER LINSELL: Chris Linsell is a Real Estate Technology Analyst and Director of Content at-large. He specializes in new solutions to old questions, constantly exploring the cutting edge of technology in the real estate space. Chris also has many years of experience as a licensed REALTOR in the state of Michigan, and has worked as a Marketer, a Digital Strategist and a Trainer for major national brands like Berkshire Hathaway Home Services of Michigan and Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors. Throughout his real estate career, Chris has been a part of hundreds of transactions, ranging from modest rural starter homes to multi-million dollar waterside compounds.